Most fun thing to do with my dog: tell him go "bring it" when nothing obvious is nearby and then see what he brings.

Do other people end up at the doctor as often as I do? And I consider myself healthy.

Apple Music is recommending Christina Aguilera for my "chill music" mix and I'm very bothered by this.

I don't know why it took me nearly twenty years of operating a server on the public internet to get around to moving SSH to a non-standard port. My logwatch emails are much shorter now as they are no longer full of SSH login attempts.

On the other hand, fail2ban is pretty bored now.

Perfect combination. Almost as good as the Mexican Italian restaurant that closed in downtown Seattle. There was a Mexican menu and an Italian menu. It was not a fusion.

My log analyzer tells me that since installing Mastodon the number of requests from Firefox and MacOS to my web server -- which hosts multiple domains -- has gone from 60% to 30% and the number of requests from "Unknown" and "Unknown" have gone from 30% to 60%. My web server is receiving more requests from the federation than from real people.

Power lines from the Grand Coulee Dam as thunderstorms and rain clouds approach. The rain started about two minutes after I took this picture.

We love the piles of mulch at the dog park before they're spread out on the trails.

So many Star Trek plots would be shorter if they just didn't let people wander around the ship unattended.

No one should make you feel bad for how you choose to spend your time or what you choose to make your hobbies. (I mean, within reason. I'll judge you if your hobby is serial killer and you spend your time killing people.)

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