Been getting a lot (~10) of garbage account requests every day. The verification email that gets sent with each one was impacting my "reputation" with my email service because they were bouncing. This is unfortunate. If only there were a way to not send those emails until I've moderated the pending account request. @Gargron

@paul I understand the request but the logic behind is to reduce the work for the admin by delaying the need to review sign-up until it's known it's more or less "real" in the sense of having a working e-mail address

@Gargron Thanks for the reply! So I won't be notified to moderate it until the email address has been confirmed? Either way, unfortunately with this order of operations I have to disable account signups entirely to protect my email system. Not like my server is super popular anyway. 😆

I still love Mastodon, just wanted to share a pain point!

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