The Alaskan Way Viaduct permanently closed one year ago yesterday. Then it opened to pedestrian traffic on what was a much nicer day than today is. Here a few random photos

There were no fireworks last night from the Space Needle because of the high winds but the laser shows were pretty cool.

When I'm out hiking people often comment on my dog's backpack and say something like "look at him carrying his own weight." But that's not what he's doing! His backpack starts every hike empty. As the day goes on it fills with dog bags containing his poop, any trash that I generate -- like food wrappers -- plus any other trash that I find on the trail.

In 2020, follow my dog's lead and consider a resolution to leave trails cleaner than you found them.

A few other random photos from Oregon... we saw Mount Hood from the Portland Japanese Garden which is an unusual sight in December and we went out to Cape Disappointment and saw both the Cape Disappointment Light House and the newly redone North Head Light House. Definitely an area to return to in the summer for the Discovery Trail.

Pho and I went down to the Oregon coast for Christmas and got to see one of the more amazing sunsets of my life. I could not decide which picture I liked the most. The water was getting blown by the wind and birds were landing just where I wanted them. And I almost got dragged in by a wave.

I took some better photos from the top of Mount Si and I am finally getting back to my computer to post them. Duke had a lot of fun in the snow, too.

Been getting a lot (~10) of garbage account requests every day. The verification email that gets sent with each one was impacting my "reputation" with my email service because they were bouncing. This is unfortunate. If only there were a way to not send those emails until I've moderated the pending account request. @Gargron

I guess that I've never seen Rainier from up here before what with the weather like it usually is.

My sixth year coming out to Mount Si on (or near) Christmas. Significantly less snow this year. This is the second year that the sun has been out and that I could see anything.

Sure it's December but Washington State Ferries is celebrating Movember.

I took a black and white photography class in early 2019 at North Seattle College as part of their continuing education program for adults. I really enjoyed getting to try a medium that I've never explored and it definitely broadened my photography horizons. Here are some photos from that class.

Mount Si, Christmas 2014. Every year for Christmas I hike up Mount Si. This year will be no different.

From the trip that my mom and I took across the country for Thanksgiving in 2014.

I also took a course on welding and a course on blacksmithing and forging at Pratt over the years. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking to do some hands on hobby work and to learn things that you can't really learn on your own. It's been one of the more rewarding experiences that I've undertaken in Seattle.

I signed up for a Glass Fusing class starting in January 2020 at the Pratt Fine Arts center in Seattle using their 2019 Cyber Sale coupon code:

Here are some of the things that I made in their glass blowing class that I took at the beginning of 2019.

My dog's toy is a ghost holding a pitcher of beer and saying "BOOZE". Get it? BOOze? It's a dog toy.

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