It's unclear to me where he keeps his tongue when it's not hanging out of his mouth. It is so long that it requires a storage facility.

We went to Kubota Gardens in south Seattle a couple weeks ago and saw some pretty wildlife.

We went into the CHAZ/CHOP yesterday. Vast majority of people were wearing masks. Peaceful but with a unease in the air like it could all fall apart at any minute, like a dog that caught the car. I support this movement.

I guess we are allowed out for four hours per day under the new curfew rules.

This was a fun time in college. The white shirt means that I helped assemble it. If you had a maroon shirt it means the person bought it at the bookstore after the fact.

I had the occasion to be in the UW campus today. They're putting these on some classrooms.

Truck with no plates or identifications with telephone wires going into it, just sitting there. Hash tag spooks.

I said this in an email last fall and now it is in WTA's February issue on "Trail Work 101".

That time a 13 pound chihuahua trapped a 38 pound beagle in a crate.

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