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Leonardo da Vinci's book on drawing recommends learning by copying from the work of old masters. Who the heck was he even referring to

I and everyone else took pictures at sunset. There are two people at the bottom of this photo, actually. This is from my trip to San Francisco in July 2018.

Why should I be looking for "big changes" in my next iPhone? I just want an iPhone that fits in my hand, has good battery life, and lets me plug in some head phones. Why does every iPhone have to be radically different? How often can you remake the phone?

The Lewisburg-Greenbrier Airport is the best. One terminal. One gate. One security line. No nudity scanner.

Today is, I think, the first time that I've been back on campus in six years. I haven't thought of this event in a few years, let alone let myself be moved by it. I did not expect to start crying the moment I stepped toward it. My position, as someone who knew some of those slain and some of those who survived is now tragically common and normal. Too many people have been lost and hurt, senselessly and violently, for us to continue to do nothing.

The New York Times' technology blog has written a not half bad post about how to ensure your open source software is popular:

The recent full moon against the Seattle city bird, the crane. (Just kidding, the Seattle city bird is actually the Great Blue Heron. But Seattle, as of right now, still leads the country with the most construction cranes.)

While I typically get atrocious gas mileage in the city (around 22mpg) my trip to Wenatchee had me hit a high that I've never seen.

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