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If you're going to a Boxing Day celebration and it is advertised as BYOB that means Bring Your Own Box.

So the Verge article for which I wrote some thoughts about Jack Dorsey announcing #Bluesky is out and it used only a few sentences from what I came up with, so I wanna share the full thing...

I was asked, if Twitter did indeed adopt #ActivityPub instead of coming up with something new, would it be better or worse for the decentralized social web?

One of my biggest complaints with OS X has been how easy it is to inadvertently move your dock from one monitor to another with a misplaced mouse movement and then how difficult it is to move it back no matter how many times you hit the bottom of the screen with your cursor.

Sure it's December but Washington State Ferries is celebrating Movember.

My dishwasher only ever contains cereal bowls, ice cream bowls, and spoons.

I am beginning to think people don’t take an instance called seriously

I took a black and white photography class in early 2019 at North Seattle College as part of their continuing education program for adults. I really enjoyed getting to try a medium that I've never explored and it definitely broadened my photography horizons. Here are some photos from that class.

Mount Si, Christmas 2014. Every year for Christmas I hike up Mount Si. This year will be no different.

From the trip that my mom and I took across the country for Thanksgiving in 2014.

I also took a course on welding and a course on blacksmithing and forging at Pratt over the years. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking to do some hands on hobby work and to learn things that you can't really learn on your own. It's been one of the more rewarding experiences that I've undertaken in Seattle.

I signed up for a Glass Fusing class starting in January 2020 at the Pratt Fine Arts center in Seattle using their 2019 Cyber Sale coupon code:

Here are some of the things that I made in their glass blowing class that I took at the beginning of 2019.

Picturing thousands of people sitting down at their desktop computers and hesitantly hunt-and-pecking out "but why does the truck look......" and then furtively looking around before concluding "like that"

My dog's toy is a ghost holding a pitcher of beer and saying "BOOZE". Get it? BOOze? It's a dog toy.

This little turd is one of the only reasons that I'm still alive.

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