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I had the occasion to be in the UW campus today. They're putting these on some classrooms.

A command that I found today for doing parallel rsyncs. I moved 1.6TB between two hosts in about an hour with this:

cd /path/to/data &&
find -L . -type f | parallel -q -j 32 rsync -avzR "{}"

My colleagues at the Center for an Informed Public are written up in Wired for their efforts to combat misinformation about COVID-19.

Evidence is emerging that coronavirus is a plot by the world's dogs to have their owners at home and walking them more often and longer.

Interesting snippet for doing database dumps that I was not aware of until now: pg_dump -j 8 -Fd -f /path/to/exports dbname

Then you can restore with this: pg_restore -j 8 -Fd -C -d dbname /path/to/exports

That feeling when you're afraid to get up and pee because you might disturb the dog and he'll ask to go outside and play.

The outbreak of COVID19 has shown me which organizations still have my email address on file. Some are really coming out of the woodwork to provide me updates on how they are responding.

Truck with no plates or identifications with telephone wires going into it, just sitting there. Hash tag spooks.

I started my work at the University of Washington's Center for an Informed Public this past Thursday as their Senior Data Engineer. It is exciting to see us recognized as a finalist for Geekwire's 2020 Awards in the Geeks Give Back category! Vote and support their work, and check out the other great nominees:

I said this in an email last fall and now it is in WTA's February issue on "Trail Work 101".

That time a 13 pound chihuahua trapped a 38 pound beagle in a crate.

I really _want_ to support things like the Emerald Onion but when their IP addresses are being used to attack my IP addresses ... well, it's hard.

Bastards discovered my alternate SSH port. Time to move it around.

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