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Since the US leads in COVID-19 cases shouldn't we be calling this the Trump Virus? 🦠

Tired of editing /etc/hosts and looking to get names mapped to IPs? I discovered this today:

I posted a thing about using Docker Swarm. Well, seven things. It's a long story. Too bad I'm ditching it for Kubernetes already.

Strangers are just people who don't know how awful you are yet.

We went into the CHAZ/CHOP yesterday. Vast majority of people were wearing masks. Peaceful but with a unease in the air like it could all fall apart at any minute, like a dog that caught the car. I support this movement.

The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)

I wish there were a service out there that would summarize the ridiculous editorials that Marc Theissen and Hugh Hewitt write in support of fascists so that I don't feel compelled to follow their click bait. I also wish the Washington Post wouldn't give them a platform for their bile.

I guess we are allowed out for four hours per day under the new curfew rules.

Next on Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe cleans the kitchen set of an amateur cooking show.

Every summer I think that I should get a boat. Every winter I'm glad that I didn't.

This was a fun time in college. The white shirt means that I helped assemble it. If you had a maroon shirt it means the person bought it at the bookstore after the fact.

Who led the digital transformation of your company?

I wrote about Time Machine on my blog and about preseeding Debian installers on my GitHub page. Sometimes I put together some new content.

Toot toot!

I wish the businesses in my area would coordinate leaf blowing to a single day so I wouldn't have to hear it every day of the week, from a different block.

I had the occasion to be in the UW campus today. They're putting these on some classrooms.

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