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For the 2007 Subaru Impreza...

Filled 249 times from October 2007 to April 2015.

3,198 gallons pumped
$9,845.61 dollars spent
Average 25 miles per gallon
Average 8.7 miles per dollar
Average $0.12 dollars per mile
Cheapest gas was $1.55/gal
Priciest gas was $4.15/gal

Best: 32mpg
Worst: 19mpg

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Over the last fifteen years I've owned three cars -- two Subaru Imprezas and one Subaru Forester -- and three motorcycles. I recorded filling up the tank 447 times on those three cars.

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I finally sold my gasoline powered car and got an electric car. I was unable to get any salesperson at any Hyundai dealer to give me the time of day so while I was interested in buying an Ioniq 5, I was able to buy Chevy Bolt. And with that I have bought my last gallon of gasoline. Well, at least for my car.

But wait, have I not been keeping track of every time I put any fuel into my cars for the past 15 years? Yes, actually, I had been keeping track.

What is with people who go to the "Customer Questions and Answers" section of Amazon and then reply to questions with useless replies like "I don't know!" I mean, do you think that you're being personally asked and you must answer?

I'm definitely hate-watching the newest season of Law and Order.

You would think that cellular providers in a large city like Seattle would be capable of keeping some quality of service during a large sporting event. It's not like it's an uncommon occurrence.

So I learned about this today for customizing my shell in iTerm and I wish someone had told me about this maybe ten years ago.

Every time I leave Seattle and its mandatory composting and then I have to throw compostable items into the landfill I get really sad.

I used to use Flask for all of my projects because I wanted to tweak things just so. Then I realized that there is more to life than tweaking things so now I use Django.

I've successfully passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

I recently had reason to log directly into an IMAP server to figure out if the folder list was completely screwed up. This is the only resource I found that showed easily what commands to run.

I have an "old" AirPort Express running in my house exclusively to allow wireless printing to my circa-2003 HP LaserJet 1012 which I bought my sophomore year of college (2004) and it STILL works.

I've successfully passed the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam.

East Sound of Orcas Island at sunrise. January 2022. Taken with a Nikon D850, 86mm, 1/125s, f4, ISO 400.

I was going for a painting-like look here but with a small bird on a buoy to provide context.

Smaller hills around the south side of Mount Rainier. December 2021. Taken with a Nikon Zfc, 81mm, 1/800s, f6.3, ISO 100.

Bees to lavender in our back yard garden. August 2021. Taken with a Nikon Zfc, 105mm, 1/160s, f14, ISO 450.

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